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Your guests see a beautiful, clean
hotel room.


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But we know what you're really dealing with.

Viruses and Bacteria

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Bed Bugs

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Bad Odors

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We've developed a simple, safe disinfection system that sanitizes mattresses and destroys pests in less time than it takes to perform a standard room clean. 

O3 Technologies Inc ("O3T"), a Los Angeles-based company, has invented, patented, and engineered a proprietary in-room mattress disinfection device, the first of its kind, that is portable, convenient, and designed for ease of use. With the O3T solution, mattresses can be cleaned and disinfected in the room by hotel cleaning staff in under 30 minutes. The cumbersome process of removing a hotel mattress and taking it to a disinfection truck will soon be a thing of the past.  In addition to combating and destroying viruses and bacteria, the O3T system eliminates bed bugs, lice and odors.

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